Playing around HDR photo

Recently I’ve been playing with my DSLR and trying to do HDR photos, here is one of them.


The idea is, that basically our human eyes can see very wide dynamic range, which cameras cannot.  For instance, when you standing inside a room and looking out through a window, you find that you can easily see things both inside the room and outside view. Now, grab a camera, set it at the same spot and pointing it to the same window. You will soon notice that the pictures show on your camera LED are either have a clear outside view with total black internal sight or a clear interior but over-exposed exterior. I have not figure out why but this is the fact. Therefore, a HDR image usually combined with 3 images took at the same spot with 3 different exposure level, which is over-exposure, average-exposure and under-exposure. When putting them together on computer, we are now able to see the view that appears the same way as we see using our own eyes. Or, with more dramatic adjustment, up2u 🙂

Railroad_average exposed Railroad_under exposed Railroad_over exposed


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